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Where we've been

Thousands of fans, just like you, have had the opportunity to investigate some of America's most haunted locations with Nick Groff and some very special guests. We've brought together professional paranormal experts, seasoned amateur investigators and first-time ghost hunters for some unforgettable experiences. Check out the places we've explored!

Pennhurst State School
Spring City, PA

When the doors opened in 1908, Pennhurst was set to care for the state's mentally and physically handicapped. However, in just a few short years, the facility was overcrowded and understaffed. By the 1960s, rumblings of abuse and neglect begin to surface. A chilling exposé aired on Philadelphia's TV10 that would ultimately lead to the closing of the facility. The shocking images revealed the extent of the inhumane treatment of Pennhurst residents. After two decades of litigation, Pennhurst finally closed it's doors for good in 1986. 

Ashmore Estates
Ashmore, IL

1870 marked the first year that the Coles County Poor Farm occupied the land on which Ashmore Estates now sits. The poor farm eventually evolved into a psychiatric hospital, first as a private institution and later a facility for patients from state mental hospitals. After being purchased by Robbin and Norma Terry in 2014, Ashmore Estates is now receiving the TLC it needs. The Terrys are continuously improving upon the building and the spirits seem to love it. A trip to Ashmore Estates should be on any paranormal investigators bucket list.


Long before the first brick was laid at St. Albans, the land on which the building now sits was inhabited by multiple Indian tribes. Beginning with the Massacre of 1775, the land has had more than its fair share of bloodshed and violence. The Lutheran Boys School, established in 1892, was not protected from this violence. Reports of severe bullying soon surfaced, which eventually led to rumors of the undocumented deaths of several boys. As the school was transformed into a hospital for the mentally ill, the death toll continued to climb. Many patients lost their lives as a result of the treatments received while at St. Albans Sanatorium. "For nearly a decade paranormal groups have investigated St Albans and the reports of full bodied apparitions, shadow figures, levitating objects, disembodied (often threatening) voices and physical contact are just some of the documented occurrences." -St. Albans

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Missouri State Penitentiary
Jefferson City, MO

Given the title of "America's Bloodiest 47 Acres" by Time Magazine in 1963, Missouri State Penitentiary has seen it's share of violence and death. With 40 executions, numerous riots and suicides on it's grounds, many inmates still call this massive structure home.

Ohio sTATE reformatory

The cornerstone for this castle-like structure was laid on November 4, 1886 and the first inmates walked through the doors in 1896. Over the next 94 years, 155,000 men would spend time within the cold stone walls of the Ohio State Reformatory. The spirits of some of these prisoners are still doing time.

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Magnolia Hotel
seguin, TX

From the humble beginnings as a two room log cabin, the structure originally designated as a fort soon grew to be the first hotel in Seguin, Texas. The basement of the building was used as a hideout for women and children when the town was raided by Indians. From stagecoach stop to bustling hotel, the Magnolia was soon the social center of Seguin. When a newer hotel sprang up the Magnolia's popularity waned. It was then converted into small apartments and operated as such for the nearly 65 years. Amongst the thousands of hotel guests and the apartment tenants, some found the Magnolia to be a place they would never want to leave. And many never did.

Stanley Hotel
Estes Park, CO

Nestled in the foothills of Rocky Mountain National Park, the historic Stanley Hotel instantly gives you the sense that you've stepped back in time, back to a time of grand parties and even grander relaxation. It's as if you never want to leave...

That's just what several former employees and guests have done. They've never left. Stephen King was so inspired by The Stanley and it's unearthly inhabitants that he penned The Shining after spending a night at the hotel.

RMs Queen Mary
Long Beach, CA

The Queen Mary currently rests in Long Beach, California. However, this grand lady has not always had such a luxurious life. Having originally launched as a luxury liner carrying guests back and forth across the Atlantic, she was soon needed in another capacity. 

As WWII began, the ship was quickly transformed into a troopship dubbed the Grey Ghost. She was used to transport troops and prisoners. During one ill-fated trip she smashed into an escort cruiser, the HMS Curacao which left many of the smaller vessel's soldiers dead. 

After the war she was once again fitted out to be a luxury ship to transport civilians, which she gracefully did until her last voyage in 1967. With such an expansive history, it's no wonder many souls still linger aboard the Queen Mary.

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All the rest...

All the rest...

Bobby Mackey's Music World
Wilder, KY

Appropriately named "The Most Haunted Nightclub in America", Bobby Mackey's is legendary among paranormal venues. The dark history of this location has led to reports of malevolent spirits and even "demonic" attacks. Visitors and staff members report everything from poltergeist-like phenomena, to disembodied voices and laughter, to actual physical attacks by unseen forces.

Perryville Battlefield
Perryville, KY

On October 8, 1862, the small rural community of Perryville, Kentucky was forever changed. Nearly 40,000 men descended upon this tiny farming community and engaged in the most brutal battle of the Civil War in Kentucky. Within a few short hours, over 7,000 men were dead, wounded, captured or missing. Perryville was left with scars that would not soon heal....and with spirits who continue to roam those rolling hills to this day.

Virginia City, NV

Virginia City was once considered the most important industrial city in the West. With the discovery of a rich lode of silver ore,The Comstock Lode, grubby prospectors were made into millionaires overnight. Grand mansions were built, a flourishing Red Light district was born and a colorful cast of characters poured into town. Virginia City is still home to many of those long-gone residents who refuse to leave their once lively town.