Can I receive a refund on my ticket purchase?

Tickets are non-refundable, except in the event the tour date you purchased is cancelled. If a location is rescheduled, tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date, but will not be refunded. Possible reasons for cancelling a location are fire, natural disaster or breach of agreement making the location uninhabitable. 

Is there an age restriction?

The investigation is limited to AGE 18 AND OVER or 17 when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All ages are welcome to attend the meet & greet, photo ops and Q&A sessions.

Why do tickets vary in price?

Several things factor into the cost of tickets. Some locations are too small to accommodate a large number of people. Other locations charge a significantly higher fee for use. In order to be the most fan-friendly event of this kind, we will make every effort to offer multiple levels of packages so as to be accessible to as many fans as possible.

Are locations handicap accessible?

Due to the time period some historic locations were constructed, they may not be accessible. This is beyond our control. If you have any questions about specific locations, please contact us before purchasing your tickets.

Will I receive my tickets in the mail?

No. We do not mail paper tickets. After your purchase, you will receive an email with your electronic tickets. You will need to either print out a hard copy or pull up the e-tickets on your mobile device for check-in. Each ticket has an exclusive bar code that will be scanned when you check in.

Are these places really haunted?

We will let you make that decision for yourself. While we can't guarantee that there will be paranormal activity during your investigation, we can guarantee that you will have access to some of the most active locations in the country.

How many people attend the investigation?

The investigations are for VIP Experience attendees ONLY. The actual number will vary, depending upon size and accessibility of each location. For large events, you will be split into smaller groups. Each group will be led by an experienced investigator from the Nick Groff Tour Team. Each group will also spend time investigating with Nick.

Can we bring our own items to be signed?

Yes, you may bring items to be signed by Nick, but we ask you bring only 1 item, which will be personalized. This keeps autograph brokers from attempting to sell autographs at a higher rate.

Yes. We allow 1 quick photo per person with your own camera.


Can I take a picture with my own camera?

Why are the VIP Packages the most expensive ticket?

The VIP Experience is truly a once in a lifetime event. You will receive some very cool items, a chance to speak with Nick and the opportunity to investigate alongside Nick.


Can I video the event?

We DO NOT allow any video recording of the question and answer session. Please ask permission before recording during the investigation. NO COMMERCIAL FILMING, PHOTOGRAPHY OR AUDIO RECORDING OF ANY KIND.

What should I bring for the investigation?

Do not bring more than you can carry. There will be no room for storage of equipment. No DVR systems or equipment that must remain stationary. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. We will have some equipment available for purchase at most locations. The investigators that will lead your group will also have equipment.

May I use a digital audio recorder?

You may only use the audio recorder during the investigation portion. No recording of any kind of the Question & Answer session. NO RECORDING OF ANY KIND FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

I bought my ticket. Now what?


You will receive an email with your e-tickets following your purchase. A week or so prior to the event, you will receive the official itinerary. Upon arrival at the event, you will be required to sign a waiver. Anyone refusing to sign the waiver will be refused entrance to the event without refund. Please understand signing a liability waiver is a condition of participation in the event.

May I have others in my photo op?

Only those with a valid VIP ticket may participate in the professional photo op. Ticket holders who have purchased a valid photo op package may choose to take it alone or with other valid ticket holders. Photos are digital download only and will be emailed to you after the event. You will not receive a printed photo at the time of the event.

I have a friend who wants an autograph. Will we be able to buy extras?

Yes, you will be able to purchase an additional autograph, however ALL AUTOGRAPHS WILL BE PERSONALIZED.

Will you take credit/debit at the event for merchandise?

Yes. We will have debit/credit payment options available at the event for merchandise and equipment.

I have to leave before the investigation. Can I get a partial refund?


I have a gift for Nick. Can I bring it to him?

Yes. However, we ask that you keep it to a small item that will be easy to travel with.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol will NOT BE PERMITTED TO ATTEND THE INVESTIGATION. You will be escorted from the location. If needed, law enforcement intervention may be utilized.

What if it rains or snows?

Events will occur rain or shine. Dress accordingly.

Will this be filmed?

Yes. Some locations will be filmed for future use. By purchasing a ticket, you give Nick Groff Tour full permission to use your image for all current and future promotional, commercial and social media purposes. This includes, but is not limited print, digital, video and audio media.